Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Our family has received the greatest news and gift possible.

We went to Sarah's MD appt. this afternoon and the neurosurgeon told us that her tumor was NOT cancer, was slow growing, and had not changed at all. He said that it may stay the same for the next 25 years. He is gradually weaning her off all of her meds over the next 3 weeks.
Next MRI is to be in 3 months. Praise the Lord!

I personally cannot think of any greater gift that a mother can receive. (meaning myself as a mother to Sarah and Sarah as a mother to Allie and Ryan). We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers for our daughter. We will keep you updated.

I personally thank God from the bottom of my heart and soul for this gift he has given me today.

Alison Johnson

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

This week has been fair. Sarah gets out a little bit, but can't take much, both physicially and irritation.

She has done some Christmas shopping. Her and Ronnie went to Ogden today for a couple of hours. Ronnie & Sarah wrapped presents yesterday. They plan on putting ornaments on their tree tomorrow.

She continues with headaches and not feeling well, but continues to try.

We just wait until Jan. and see what they have to say.

We have our family Christmas on Christmas Eve. I am excited to spend time with the whole family this week.

Bill & Alison

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry I havn't been updating.

Sarah is doing better. We finally got her insides going and regulated, but she has some
bad side effects from her meds. (Anti-seizure, and steriod). She is being tapered off the
steriods and hopefully they will cut back on the other soon.

They moved the appt. to the middle of January for us to find out more. I really think
this is good, so that we can enjoy Christmas. It is slow growing so I think they aren't
worried about the wait.

Just last week she started sleeping thru the night and feeling better. 2 weeks ago she visited the senior center for the first time. She was only there for a few minutes, but it did her good to
see some of the seniors. She misses them so much.

She went to our family party last night and I think she enjoyed it. She even lasted about 2 hours, but then had to go home. She did well with the noise. It seems as though the brain is not as irritated as it was and she can stand a lot more activity around her.

Again, we thank you for your prayers, concerns, meals, and all the rest. It has helped take
a lot of the stress off. We never knew we had so many friends and supporters of this
young family. Please continue to pray that good news follows in January and if they decide to tx.
it that all goes well. There are more long steps to continue this journey.

P.S. The kids are doing well. They are so adjusted anyway and to see their parents and family's support - they know as a family we can tackle anything.

Thanks again,

Alison Monday, December 15th, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

It has been a rough week for Sarah. She is back on the steriods because her body doesn't like the foriegn objects. They have helped some. We had her to the Brigham Clinic this week due to pains in her lower abd. It is thought to be the end of the shunt, which is long and coils in her lower abd. cavity. This too is causing her pain and irritation as her body adjust to it. They say it takes a few weeks for her body to adjust.

She gets frustrated because she is not yet feeling much better and also mentally of all that has happened. Once we know the plan of attack I think she will calm down. Our appts. with the MD is the 12th of Dec.

Please keep her in your prayers to heal physically and tackle this mentally. She has a dear friend visiting today that her spouse went thru a brain tumor trial. She is a dear friend (and someone outside the family) that can talk to her about her feelings of frustration.

Sarah is strong and she will deal with this. She just needs to lean on us and the Lord right now.
Prayers for Ronnie, Allie, and Ryan. Thank heaven Ryan is 10. As long as he sees Sarah up and about his little mind is ok. Allie is old enough to understand in some ways, but young enough to be confused of the uncertainty. Ronnie is a rock and dealing very patiently with Sarah, but it is hard on him. I think it has helped him now that he is back to work.

Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Sarah has had a pretty good week. Remains very weak and trying to rebuild her strength.
Some people are having a hard time getting into the blog to place their comments. I enter from a different direction to post but am looking into how to enter a comment.

If you would like to e-mail Sarah her e-mail address is sockermom10@hotmail.com.

Our e-mail address is bjohnson14409@msn.com.

We have her walking 1/2 a block each day and she has a fair appetite.

Alison Johnson - Sunday, November 9th, 2008.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sarah Update November 6, 2008

Alison took some of the staples out of Sarah’s head yesterday afternoon. Sarah said that this feels so much better. Alison washed Sarah’s hair that feels so good Sarah says with a smile. Alison took her on a little longer walk trying to build her stamina back up. She has been nauseated thinking that the over flow that they have going into her intestines’ my cause the nausea being it’s something different than she’s had before. Allie and Ryan slept over at grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s to give her and Ronnie both a little break. Ronnie’s doing so well in keeping everything in tow. I will put the pictures on later they look cool. :))lol


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update More Fun Pictures

Sarah was up and about Alison went and got her up took her for ride, and went to Taco Time. She has her good moments and bad. Noise and lights still bother her a little, and she gets tired real easy. Sarah’s memory seems to be as sharp as always. She remembered my birthday and of course wasn't up to attending the family dinner. She asked what I wanted, but I got what I wanted "she came home". Sarah, Ronnie & kids, our family, and Ronnie's family again cannot express our gratitude to all of you for the prayers and love you have shown.

Bill Johnson

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun Pictures

Sarah’s home and doing pretty good, there is some many of you wanting to help, with meals, cleaning, ECT... we appreciate all of you, keep praying we are still waiting for the final results. But we do know that this is in GOD’s hands. The Doctors told us that we need to keep Sarah’s surrounding’s as quiet as possible for at least 10 days before she has a lot of phone calls or visitors. Words alone cannot express the love and gratitude that has been given to our daughter and our family.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

favorite photos of Sarah

We brought Sarah home this afternoon. She is tired, but glad to be home.

She had just eaten pizza and was ready for bed when we left. She was glad to see
the kids.

Thanks again for all of you.


Alison was going through some of here mail and Sarah was watching she got a smile out of this. It is pretty funny. Sarah's doing pretty good a little frustrated the Doctors and Interns made there rounds this morning around 0600 and made a statement to Sarah that she could go home today, boy that made her day although we are still here its 1300 we have to wait for the floor Nurses to get the orders from the doctor. Just a note this kinda adds to the saying below, Alison went to get lunch for her self and Sarah of course only Alison she was coming back from the cafeteria she did get off on the right floor but what she didn't know was the Psychic ward is on the same floor she was afraid to ask anyone for the fear of them not letting her out, I guess you would have to be there more later.

Disturbed People's Day



Prayer at Its Simplest
It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, . . . who stretches out the heavens like a curtain.Isaiah 40:22
Ask almost any gathering of Christians to name one thing they wish they knew more about and prayer would be near the top of every list. I understand that. Yet perhaps in longing for those far-off secrets of spiritual success, we overlook prayer's simplicity and beauty. Perhaps in searching for answers, we forget that prayer in its simplest form is a reverent conversation with God.
One of my favorite places to go on our little piece of property in the woods is the picnic table down by our fire pit. I often find myself there, not on the bench, but sitting on the table itself--looking out at the sky, the treetops, the hills in the distance. Usually within the first minute or two of leaning back on my open palms, I find myself reflecting upon God, His greatness and the beauty of His creation. It's easy to see from my picnic table: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). We are His. We are here only because . . . He is.
It's so simple, isn't it? The perspective from my picnic table says that it is.
Perhaps it's because all we see sometimes are sidewalks and skyscrapers. Shopping centers and new construction. Office walls and commuter traffic. In the midst of a noisy, hectic life, we don't notice the pinks and purples of a morning sunrise. Our prayer life takes the staccato form of our non-stop lifestyle, with all the depth of a coffee-break conversation.
But what if you knew that all it took to kick-start your prayer experience with God was to locate one of His billowy clouds floating effortlessly across a city skyline . . . and begin to remember who made it . . . and who made you . . . and who has the affairs of your marriage and family safely in the grasp of His loving, caring arms?
DiscussDo you make prayer harder than it is? What helps remind you most often that God is there?
PrayPray simply but deeply. Yes, you can do both at the same time, you know.

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We have news that Sarah is going home today. She is ready "to get out of here".

She had a good night and slept well. She says that the pain in her neck (from them shoving the shunt down thru under the skin) is better.

She is very weak. Continue to write on the blog. She loves having Ronnie read those to her, especially the memories.

She is at high risk for infection and already has a cough. They stated limited visitors for the first week and ESPECIALLY if anyone is sick or has been around someone sick. Phone calls are great and she can return them when she is awake. Make sure and put your phone number and e-mail address on your comment board.

Again, we cannot thank all of you enough for your love and prayers. This is not over yet, but at least we know it is slow growing and now that she is out of danger there is no hurry to decide the next step right now.

She needs to get her strength back and sort thru all of this. We love you all so much.

Bill & Alison

Friday, October 31, 2008

Starting to feel better

Well, here I sit in my room after my second surgery. I'm actually sitting in a chair instead of lying in the bed!!! I'm still in a little pain, but not nearly as much as I have been. It sure will be nice to finally get out of here though.

Ronnie and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, and gifts that you have given us. We just hope that one day we will be able to repay everyone for these. I guess you never really put a lot of thought into how many friends and family members you have that truly love you until something like this happens. It really has a way of opening your eyes to a lot of things when tragic things happen in your's or someone else's life. All we can do is say thank you so much and we hope no one else ever has to endure something like this.

Barring any problems the doctors have told me that I can go home either tomorrow or Sunday. Hopefully it's tomorrow. Once again we wanted to say thank you and we love all of you. I'm sure that we will be hearing from or seeing all of you over the next several weeks.

Sarah and Ronnie


HALLOWEEN, OCTOBER 31, 2008 - FRIDAY 12:45 pm

Sarah just returned from surgery. They placed a permananent shunt and she did well. In fact Ronnie just gave her a drink and they brought a light lunch. Her exact works were "That was so good GET THAT FORK AND KEEP LOADING THAT IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her hear hurts but she is certainly Sarah. What a day to have staples and the zombie look. I forgot the camera, but will have Bill take a picture with his phone and post it later.

They are talking about sending her home tomorrow or the next day. We are still waiting for the final results, but they said that it has probably been there for years and they may just leave it and watch it or they may treat it.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We know that they were heard because the outcome could have been so much worse. Please continue with the prayers. We love each and everyone of you.
Sarah says to tell everyone hi!!!! She says to tell everyone that her husband is wonderful!!!!

With Love,

Bill & Alison


If this is a Halloween Joke - it isn't funny.

You have not heard from me much over the last few days because I have been sick and asleep most of the time.

We came home tonight to check on a few things and get new stuff. We just heard tonight that Sarah will be having surgery in the am. We plan on leaving by 5:00.

Surgery is at 0730. Please remember to pray. the surgery is the easy part for it is a permanent shunt, but today is the day that we find out the biopsy results. (Halloween - isn't it ironic). I remember that I would never allow my kids to dress as demons for Halloween so maybe this will help keep them away. We always dressed as something fun or angels. I didn't like the dark side of demons around my children. Please pray for her today.

As I sit reading (and crying) the blogs and the love that everyone has for our family, I am overwhelmed. I knew we had friends and family, but not to the extent that i have read. WE love you all and i wish I had time to call and talk to everyone of you individually. As you read this please realize that the person that is reading it right now that IT WAS MEANT FOR YOU AS IF I WAS TAKING TO YOU. With all of love. Billy & Alison and family